NUGPay Accepted

NUGPay Accepted

Q: How do I make a payment with NUGPay?

At the core of our values is a deep appreciation for honesty and individuals who hold the truth in high regard. In line with this, we have devised means to extend our support to the people of Myanmar. We understand the need for convenience when making purchases and have thus made available the NUGPAY option for payment. Simply follow the steps provided to complete your payment transaction.

Step 1: Add items into the cart in Jaz Authentic and screenshot the cart with Subtotal.


Step 2: Scan QR here, pay Subtotal S$ x current rate following NUGPay Page and screenshot the payment successful history.



Step 3: Send screenshots from Step 1 and Step 2 via Messenger on JAZ Authentic Page together with Shipping Address information.

Step 4: Wait for our confirmation once the payment is done. (est. 1hour)

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