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Hoda Anti-Peeper(Privacy) Sapphire Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max / iPhone 14, 14 Plus (Dust-Free Helper Included)

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  • Synthetic Sapphire

Sapphire is one of the most stable substances in the world and is a single crystal (monocrystalline), which has high level of chemical stability with strong strength, resistance and excellent light transmission.

  • Ultra Hardness, Scratch Resistance

The hardness of synthetic sapphire has Mohs’ hardness 9, next to diamon, the visibility of scratches is less than normal tempered glass.

  • Anti-Static Adhesive, Dust-Free

Anti-static adhesive can reduce the dust due to static adsorption after the protector is removed from the bottom plate.

  • Evaporation Process, Anti-Dirt

Evaporation anti-dirt process brings excellent touching experience, anti-fingerprint, easy-to-clean surface and long lasting anti-dirt coating

  • Superior Heat-Dissipation

The thermal conductivity rate of sapphire is 25 times higher than glass. This high thermal conductivity rate helps to accelerate the heat dissipation and prevent overheat on mobile phone.

  • High Touch Sensitivity

Synthetic sapphire has more than 3X dielectric constant rate compare with tempered glass, can effectively obtain excellent touch sensitivity.

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