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Philips 5.5W LED 600 Lumen Cool Daylight E14 Compact All Around Illumination EyeComfort

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A light bulb like no other

Create a cool, energizing ambiance


E14 cap

Cool daylight


Long life bulbs

Lasts up to 15 yearsLong life bulbs - Lasts up to 15 years With a lifetime of up to 15,000 hours, you can reduce the hassle of frequently replacing your light bulbs, and enjoy a perfect lighting solution for over 15 years.


No visible flicker


When your light flickers in quick succession it could be hard on the eyes, cause headaches, and even set off an attack for those with photosensitive epilepsy. It's both unpleasant and unnecessary. LEDs can flicker because of their rapid response to the driver current. However, because Philips LEDs are designed so that variations in your driver current's output are minimized, they eliminate the factors that cause flicker. So, you won't see it, not even a hint.


Light all aroundThanks to its innovative but vintage design shape, this LED bulb prevents the shadow that normally appears at the beam spread edge. The result? Natural warm white light all around.

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