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Philips Friends of Hue LightStrips Up To 16 Million Colors, 2m Of Flexible Light, 12W LED Light

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Product Details :

- Philips Friends of hue LightStrip Luminaires 259499 Starter Kit: Trim, bend and attach these versatile strips to your fixtures and furniture to create mood lighting and draw attention to decorations. The wireless bridge allows you use your phone to change colors, schedule gradual dimming and more.


- Choose from 16 million colors: Create and save scenes using your favorite photos as palettes, or slowly cycle through shades to match your event, activity or mood.


- Create custom schedules: Program your lights to match your routine. The LightStrips can wake you to your own gradual sunrise every morning or automatically illuminate your desk at sundown.


- Dimming and brightening features at your fingertips: Use your smartphone to turn the lights low or liven the room without having to adjust the dimmer switch.


- Mobile control from your smartphone or tablet: The free iOS- and Android-compatible app lets you adjust colors, brightness and functions without leaving your seat. Create a hue account to access your lights remotely by app or Web browser.


- LED bulb technology: Designed to provide longer, more energy-efficient illumination.


- Works with the whole Philips hue family: Includes 2 LightStrips and a bridge, so you can begin your collection of up to 50 linked hue lights and lamps.


- Connect with other automated devices: Hue is OpenHome certified and PEQ-compatible, so you can create your own ecosystem of automated devices.

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